The Two Gallivants

A Rabid Dog clasped its jaws around my arm and dripped saliva into my torn flesh…

Well…not really, that was just one of the thoughts that sprung to mind as I weighed up the pros and cons of paying, or not, for the rabies vaccination – sourced straight from the fresh milky semen of the rarest of unicorns, it’s that fucking expensive! 

“You’ll have to get a needle plunged in your stomach if you get bit and haven’t had the shots” said one friend’s talking head gliding past my mind’s eye, another going the opposite way telling me to “wise up, who the fuck ever got rabies, don’t waste your money”. Both thought provoking points, but with me being a bit of a tool (once got bit, pretty stupidly, by a really friendly dog, resulting in an infected arm, days off work (that bit was ok actually) and pissed off parents), I decided to stomp up the dollar. Is £165 not worth it for the peace of mind that when you’re trekking through mountainous Netherlands and you get your face licked by marauding rabid monkeydogs, you have an extra, really really long 24 hours(!) to battle through 500 miles of dense jungle to find a decent hospital before you turn into a poster boy of The Evil Dead?

"just a wee kiss, go on, one on the lips..."

“just a wee kiss, go on, one on the lips…”

….hmmmm…..I got the first of my three rabies jabs today anyway from Superdrug Travel Clinic and Hep B as well (not so cheap either at £40 a pop over three doses and it stings a bit too!). The nurse also planted a little seed of fear about Japanese Encephalitis, so I’m considering getting that jab too – although at £89 for each of two doses, I’ll be doing my research first. Your thoughts are more than welcome btw! Surprisingly though, given the cost of the other yok that is supposed to keep you alive, doxycycline for malaria was only £30 for 100 tablets, which I think is a pretty decent price. To be fair, Superdrug Travel Clinic did seem to be the cheapest of the lot in London from my brief internet research. Thankfully the diphtheria, polio and tetanus booster, the Hep A jab and typhoid tablets were all free from my local GP on the NHS, schweet.

So why I am I getting all these jabs and wonderful preventions of ailments? Well, I’m off to Aberdeen for the weekend……ahem, soz Aberdeen, am sure you’re alright, but that is indeed a little white ruse – I am actually, finally, after two years of persecuting my friends’ ears about my plan, in the midst of preparation for my big “getting the fuck outta dodge/career/monotown life” trip alles über die Welt!

On 3 January 2014, me and my fellow gallivanteer, Emily, will be making our way through the misty, cold morning streets of London, still likely strewn with the remnants of New Year’s washed out revellers, on our way to Heathrow. Boarding a plane to the suffocating heat of Bangkok with a no returns one way pass, we’ll be leaving screen staring, aimless typing and redundant careers behind as we journey through Asia and South America for a few years, travelling and teaching English – a different stage with a new cast. In the meantime, to whet your blogging palates, we’ll be posting pics and ramblings about a recent mini-travelling trip to Italy, our motivations and prep for the main event and our time back in my hometown of Derry, Ireland over this coming Christmas. So get involved, strap in and enjoy. 



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