The Two Gallivants


tonle san

smugly crossing the Tonle San River en route to the jungle in NE Cambodia

We are Emily Toyne and Declan Bradley, a couple who got together in London, left our jobs and are now gallivanting around die Welt!

Originally from Derry in Ireland, I (Declan) was a lawyer and I worked for a large international law firm in the City of London. After 6 years of hard work and long hours, I was longing for something different and decided that there was no better time to satisfy my curiosity about long-term travelling. So I set off to see what else is out there.

I suppose, putting aside my obvious travelling interests and clichéd boy’s enjoyment of football, the main thing I get a kick out of is writing mediocre songs on the guitar and then torturing people with them at parties! I haven’t brought a guitar on our travels though, as it seems like it would be a pain in the arse carting it about. So not to worry Asia, you’re safe…for now….


acting the prat in the Mekong Delta

Born and bred in a quaint English town called Lincoln, Emily grew up with a love of swimming and ballet. These days, she has channelled that love of water and prancing about into her new passion – cleaning! Anywhere we go in the world, Emily is happy as long as there is a dust pan and brush to hand…bleach is a bonus!

Luckily for me, Emily had her own plans to explore our little planet and was finding that she too needed a break from her tough work as a nurse. And so, we met, had fun, went on a couple of lively trips in Europe and it became as clear as Jack the Ripper was a bad lad that we should make the leap into the scary unknown together.


posing away near the crater lake in Banlung

We saved and saved and then saved some more, and at the end of 2013 we were ready and itching to get started. As the New Year festivities went into wind down mode and everyone back home embraced the post holiday blues, we could only smile as we said sayonara and jumped on a plane to start our long-term, slow travelling in South East Asia and China. In 2015, you’ll likely find us Down Under, working and chasing flaming galahs in Australia, and in the far off future of 2016, who knows!

Right here on this site is where we’ll be reciting our travel stories and doling out hints and tips to help you plan for your own adventures. We’d love it if you got involved by posting comments and following our twitter, youtube, instagram and google+ pages by clicking the icons in the header above. It’ll be worth your while because we aim to stand out from the throngs of other travel bloggers by providing an honest no-holds-barred account of our travels. No issue is too controversial and no tale too embarrassing for us to share! Above all, it’ll be good oul craic, as they say back home in Ireland.

Cheers for reading and welcome aboard…

The Two Gallivants