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“FotoFit” – A lazy few days on Koh Rong Island

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It’s been a long time since our previous FotoFit instalment and so just to remind you, FotoFit is our series where we let our photos and movies do the talking. This time around we’ve got some beautiful pics from our time on Koh Rong Island, just off the Cambodian coast.

After our Otres experience, we headed to Sihanoukville pier and caught the boat to Koh Rong Island. We were staying in a secluded part of the Island away from the crowded pier area. Our guesthouse, Pura Vita, was a bit on the pricey side at US$45 per night but check out the view to the front…

koh rong 3…and the backyard, where we found this cute little pair who liked to chase after and nibble on our toes!

koh rong 2koh rong 4Oh, and it was mighty comfortable and ever so slightly on the regal side as well…

koh rong 5We spent most of our time jumping off the wooden pier at our guesthouse and walking along the hot, white sand. There weren’t many other people around, so it felt like we had our own wee slice of tropical heaven!

koh rong 7 koh rong 8 koh rong 9To get to the more lively pier area we had to walk through some jungle and along a pretty, but more crowded beach. There we had some noodles from Mr Run’s (great name, haha!) and checked out some cool beach art and the not so cool remnants from a large fire that destroyed a few guesthouses a couple of days before we arrived.

Besides lazing about there are lots of things to do on Koh Rong Island. You can book lots of tours at the pier including scuba diving, snorkelling, boat trips and BBQ parties – take your pick! We wanted to do snorkelling but apparently the seas were too rough while we were there and so we had to give it a miss unfortunately.

koh rong 10 koh rong 11 koh rong 12Evenings were spent chilling out on the beach at sunset with the dogs and trying to catch a glimpse of the famous phosphorescent plankton at night, although the waves ruined that for us too. No matter though, we had plenty of beautiful things to look at anyway…

koh rong 13koh rong 14After a very sedate few days, we had a bit of an adventure getting off the island. The waves were too choppy to take the boat back to the pier and so Indiana Jones style we had to rough it with our bags through jungle and gushing rivers…

koh rong 15…before jumping on a ferry back to Sihanoukville and waving goodbye to the Island.

koh rong 16

The Two Gallivants


4 thoughts on ““FotoFit” – A lazy few days on Koh Rong Island

  1.'Pauline Melillo

    Looks like paradise….and only $45 a nite….do you know how much something like that would cost anywhere else?……so gorgeous!…love the pictures!…and those wee pups are adorable!

  2. thetwogallivants Post author

    the pups were class, we were used to getting $10 per night accommodation so $45 was quite a hike, but yeah in London you could hardly get a bed in a homeless shelter for $45 a night!!

    1. thetwogallivants Post author

      Sorry about the delay getting back to you. Yeah am sure it’s possible to do a day trip as there are boats going to and from there throughout the day, although worth it is worth staying overnight if possible.

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