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Fotofit: Doi Sethup – Chiang Mai

Alrighty then

I’m back to get the whole of last year recorded on here, although it’ll be a lot more photo posts than written ones. We’re no longer travelling long-term (just short hops around the UK and Ireland these past 8 months since getting home), so I’ve not got many musings or handy up to date tips – but I do have lots and lots of photos (and videos!) and am keen to show them off.

First up in this renewed attempt to finish this blog of our travels around Asia and Australia last year, is Doi Sethup – the mountain overlooking Chiang Mai.

I visited it a few times, motorbiking it, trekking it, jumping in waterfalls, hanging out at the mountaintop temple, checking out the vistas of the city below etc. As usual, the photos tell it better than I can, here you go (and there are more on our instagram – click above):

doisethup1doisethup2doisethup4doisethup6doisethup3doisethup7doisethup5Doi SethupDoisethup8Coming soon, a video/photo montage of my time rock climb climbing and zipping through the trees in the forests outside Chiang Mai.


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