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Kampot Accommodation: 5 reasons to stay at Bodhi Villa

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If you are intrigued by Kampot after reading about our motorbiking exploits there or our favourite places in town and intend to pay it a visit, then you’ll need a place to stay when you get there. And where better than Bodhi Villa!

It’s like a fairytale land for travellers and here’s our top 5 reasons why we love Bodhi Villa so much:

1. Cheap

You can get a dorm bed for as low as 2 ½ dollars per night. We stayed in a double room for 5 dollars per night– so it is the cheapest accommodation of our travels! Need we say more…

2. Relaxed and chilled out social/bar area

The bar area is essentially a huge decking overhanging the river. It has lots of easy on the bum chairs and loungers to relax in with a book and a cocktail or swapping stories with fellow travellers – there is always plenty of them lounging around. There are a few power sockets on the decking as well if you need to be hooked up to the outside world on your laptops or phones and we also saw the coolest chess set ever there.

bodhi villa 73. Close to town…but not too close!

Bodhi Villa feels very out of it, perched on the edge of a wild river with little civilisation in view, it gives you a truly relaxing experience. However, town is only about a 20 minute walk or a 10 minute cycle away, including a beautiful trek across a bridge with mountains looming on one side and the span of the town on the other. So even the journey to town is an experience in itself! If you’re heading to or from the hostel after dark though, it is probably best to get a tuk tuk as there is very little lighting on the roads on Bodhi’s side of the river.

4. The river on your doorstep

Most mornings we would wake up, throw on our swimming suits and jump straight in the river from the decking to clear away the cobwebs. We would then have our breakfast with our feet dangling in the water. A perfect start to the day!

You can also rent kayaks cheaply from Bodhi (a few dollars for a half day) and explore the meandering river. You’ll come across hidden inlets with monasteries and beautiful local villages or just float taking in the immense scenery all around.

bodhi villa 55. The staff

A big reason that makes Bodhi such a good place to stay is the friendly atmosphere created by its staff. From the Aussie owner to the Cambodian guys behind the bar, everyone has a smile on their face and a joke to tell. They were quick to help us out when we wanted something, like motorbike or kayaks. And, like a lot of locals in Kampot likely due to the large ex pat scene there), the bar guys speak great English, so you can have good conversations with them beyond the usual pleasantries.

Just watch out for this guy though, who tries to perv (and scare) people in the showers!

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Have you stayed at Bodhi Villa? What did you think of it?

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4 thoughts on “Kampot Accommodation: 5 reasons to stay at Bodhi Villa

  1.'pauline melillo

    …..was just getting into a pleasant daydream of possibly going there some day until I saw the last photo!…’d here me screaming back in Derry if that thing ever came that close to me or tried to land on me!……just can’t get over how cheap things are there though…crazy!

    1. thetwogallivants Post author

      Hi Mat, thanks for reading. The beer was $1 a can (330ml) for Cambodian brands, which are tastier than the Western ones in my opinion. That’s pretty standard pricing for hostels, not super super cheap but not expensive either! The Western food came in big portions (their Flying Elephant Burger and Truckers Baguette would last any normal person a whole day), was darn good and was around $3 – $6 for a main. This is cheap for good western food, although their Cambodian food was in the same price bracket – so head into town for local food instead where you will get it much cheaper. If you want to know anything else, just give us a shout… 🙂

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