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“Ohne Alkohol” – Hitting the beaches of Donegal, Ireland

My sober march continues on through the drunken streets of Christmastown where every man and his dog like to lap up great flowing rivers of pints, spirits, red wine, white wine, mulled wine, every other kind of wine and any other alcoholic tipples that get dusted off and devoured at this time of year.

I have cheated slightly by drinking shandy (half pint beer topped up with half pint lemonade) so makes it look like I’m hardcore when I’ve been in the bar for five hours catching up with my mates back home in Derry over Xmas. Alas, the only thing hardcore about that is the amount of peeing I have to do! By not getting ruined though, as I usually do at this time of year, I’ve been able to get up in the morning and jump in the car with my mum’s dog, Maisy, and hit the beaches of Donegal, one of the largest and most rugged counties in Ireland. Donegal did me proud and provided a perfect backdrop for this photoblog, the third edition of “Ohne Alkohol”. I should also give Emily a shout out for doing all the driving!

We went to Lisfannon Beach in Fahan last weekend. As you can see in the photos directly below, it was wet, windy and the sea was choppy but it’s beautiful and a very open and scenic place – making it a dog walkers’ heaven…..

beachlines msgmaisy emmaisybkgrdlifesaver pretentious maisyrunningreflection maisyatbeach choppyseasfootsteps em&maisysoaked fahanLast Boxing Day morning I nursing a severe hangover from the Christmas festivities the day before. This year I made the most of what my homeland has to offer! Emily, me and Maisy got up early to the sun shining and fairly mild temperatures, so we decided to try out another of the many different beaches on our doorstep.

I tried to take us to a bay I used to go to in summers past, when I still lived in Ireland. I managed to get us lost but we found ourselves atop a hill with a great vista over Lough Foyle and so we took Maisy for a little stroll. We then stumbled upon Stroove Beach at the bottom of the hill, which, although smaller than Lisfannon Beach, is delightfully set against the backdrop of a gorgeous lighthouse. 

Staying sober definitely has its benefits! FYI – I’ll be writing up a full article next week about all the adventures we got up to in Ireland over for the Christmas period.

vistaemandmaisyupahillmeshadow withtankerbeachstroove beachandlighthouseemmaisystroove stroovemaisypolaroid




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