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Recommended Accommodation in Kep: Arun Rass Guesthouse

Back in March, we stayed for a few days at Arun Rass Guesthouse in Kep and indulged in a little bit of luxury which us backpackers can seldom afford. From pre-booking online, we could see that the hotel was new and so we hoped it would be modern(ish) and clean – it was indeed, and so much more! Here’s why:

Our Room

On the ground floor at the far left (when facing the building), our room was airy, light and always cool as it was sheltered from direct sunlight for most of the day. We didn’t have but didn’t need air-con! It was tastefully decorated and the private balcony/terrace outside was a very relaxing space to sit and read in or work on the computer.

These are photos from their website and unlike many other places, their photos match what you actually get!

balcony bedroomgreen2When we needed to freshen up after a day out wandering or biking round the sunny Kep seaside, which was only 5 minutes away, where better than our HUGE bathroom with a walk-in/wetroom shower. The bed was big and comfortable, with fresh linen provided each day. We couldn’t have asked for a better room for US$12 per night in Cambodia.

This is a useful map if you want to go wandering round Kep as well from Arun Rass (borrowed from their website, which they borrowed from someone else)…

map_bigTheir Services

We got a US$3 breakfast of salted eggs, bread/butter and delicious Cambodian tea most mornings on the balcony. Although it was basic fare, it was tasty and set us up for the day.

After breakfast, we could rent bikes from the guesthouse at 2000 riel (0.5 dollars) per day.

Whatever we wanted, the couple who own the guesthouse arranged with a smile, from calling tuk tuks and sending out laundry, to organising transport to and from Rabbit Island and back to Kampot, to clearing a massive lizard out of our room that wandered in when we left the door open!

kep1The Wonderful Owners

The best thing about Arun Rass Guesthouse though is the couple who own it, Mr. Chhai and his wife, Chanthoeurn.

They treated us like close friends – one night they invited us and the other guests to have dinner and lots of beers with them, for free! That was a lot of fun and gave the place more of a homestay feel than many actual homestays we stayed at.

Arun Rass Guesthouse KepThere were some cracks to be ironed out when we stayed a good few months ago, such as making sure that a good wireless connection was available in the rooms and not just on the balconies. Also, a restaurant was under construction and a full food menu was to be provided. If you’ve been recently, we would love to hear how they are getting on.

So, our verdict – stay at Arun Rass if you’re going to Kep!

The Two Gallivants

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  1.'pauline melillo

    looks beautiful but I wouldn’t sleep a wink knowing them big critters were around me!… must be soo relaxing to be somewhere like that though….

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