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Save the Children in Gaza

This travel site provides to you information and our views about the world. The vast majority of that content will be about matters which we have experienced directly. However, when we strongly believe that something needs to be said about other events or matters happening on this planet, matters which we should all be concerned about, then we will say our piece.

That is why this Sunday we are dispensing with our usual light-hearted weekly update. Having followed the escalating violence in Gaza in which innocent children are dying in the hundreds, we do not feel in the mood to be frivolous. Instead we would like to use this opportunity to ask you to do whatever you can to help the children and other defenceless civilians in Gaza. Whatever your politics, it is extremely difficult to argue that kids should die at the hands of one of the most advanced military machines in the world. We are looking into what we can do and have started by signing the Save The Children petition to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. If you could please do the same, then hopefully, along with the thousands of others signing up, we can all make a difference.

We hope we have not offended anyone by asking them to help save children’s lives.

Thank you for reading

Declan & Emily

One thought on “Save the Children in Gaza

  1.'Pauline melillo

    You’re right Declan and Emily, no matter what side you’re on or who you support the health and lives of the innocent, defenseless children must be protected. Let there be real peace there soon….

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