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“Sunday Post” – Big Big News and my interview with LeafCanoe!

Alrighty folks, big news this week – our constant wandering is over!

We’ve been on the road since 3 January 2014, exploring temples in Cambodia, trekking in Vietnam, sky walking in China, lazing in Laos, city living in Thailand, scuba-diving around Indonesia and much more. We’ve satisfied our Wanderlust and accomplished our travel goals of taking a break from normality and immersing ourselves in cultures far from home. Pity our bank accounts had to take such an awful beating in the process! 🙂

So before the old adage of too much of a good thing kicks in and we take travel for granted, we are dropping out on the crest of the wave and diving back into London life as of Friday 6 February. Don’t worry though readers, we’ve plenty of stories left to tell about all the awesome places we’ve been and so we’ll complete this blog even it takes all year!

It’s not like all our travelling is over for good either, far from it. Our vacations in future will make the most of what’s out there and we’ll be using nifty travel apps like LeafCanoe, which I helped test in beta, to share our adventures.

And, funnily enough, to close us out this week – good old Leafcanoe has just posted an interview with me on their website. Click here if you wanna have a read of me talking travel…



5 thoughts on ““Sunday Post” – Big Big News and my interview with LeafCanoe!

  1.'donna bradley

    the end of a fantasic year for you two good luck on your move back to london i hope you are ready for the cold and ice lol x

  2.'Pauline melillo

    Phew! Was almost panicking there when I thought no more blogs from Declan! ……..great news and best of luck to you both….hope you settle in quickly to reality and the weather!

    1.'Helen Toyne

      Woah…’re heading “home”?! Will be real good to catch up with you Em…(and meet Declan!) Will miss reading about all your adventures but good to know the blog will continue and I’ll get to find out even more about what you’ve been up to/ seen/ experienced etc…. Love ya muchly gorgeous girl. Auntie Helen XXX

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