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“Sunday Post” – Emily has found a new love on her travels!

footySome travellers go to the far side of the earth and discover new joys of exotic foods, immerse themselves in mystical cultures and religions or fall passionately in love with strange and alluring lands that they pass through. Well, The Two Gallivants are no different and this week Emily is throwing herself with gusto into her new passion…football!

We watched a game in Hoi Chi Minh and another a couple of weeks ago while in Hoi An. I thought nothing strange of Emily showing a little bit of interest in those matches as they merely happened to be on in the background of bars we happened to go into for a drink. But as Emily’s eyes continually drifted from my own to the TV screens, it seems the seed was planted.

This week, with amused surprise, I stumbled upon Emily checking the premiership rankings and this weekend’s fixtures and she pleaded with me “can we watch the football at the weekend?” Haha, what a lucky guy I am! She didn’t have to ask me twice, although I have found it all a tad strange given she seemed to hate football when we lived in the UK – “it’s just a load of men kicking a ball around some grass”. Now I am being quizzed about the finer points of the offside rule and indirect free kicks, but, I shouldn’t question a good thing when it comes along. So it’s off to watch Liverpool v Chelsea tonight at Moe’s Tavern in Hoi An. Come join if you’re in town!

If you’re off travelling soon, who knows what weird changes may be in store for you!


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