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“Sunday Post” – Emily saves the day!

Today didn’t go well at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve little to complain about I know, but small things can become big and get on your nerves when travelling for so long.

To start with, our transport to take us from Ubud to Nusa Lembongan was late and once we arrived, we were harassed by annoying and persistent motorbike pushers at the beach. We thought our new accommodation would be a safe haven, but even the staff here had their own motorbike rental cartels and were competing against each other to flog us a bike! One guy even tried to add the cost of a bike for three days to our bill?! AHHH, just piss off!

The hotel reception guys then gave us the wrong wifi password and were adamant it must be our fault somehow that it wasn’t working. I asked a groundsman playing on his phone and he gave me the correct password, a completely different one than the fools at reception told us. Dear Lord…

Right, we thought, let’s talk to some sane people at the dive shop. Ah, no. The tattooed European guy that seemed to be in charge greeted us like the people of San Francisco would greet the Westboro Baptist Church, awkwardly. He then dropped the bombshell that there was no Manta Ray diving tomorrow due to conditions – dashing my dreams of diving with those magnificently weird creatures on my 31st birthday. Ok, that’s fine, we said, not your fault. We waited for the obligatory “but don’t worry we’ve got something else great lined up for you at Beautiful Bay or whatever, where you’ll see x, y and z” and other usual information about the boat, equipment, lunch and the like. It didn’t come. Instead we got “we go north, to dive sites 6, 5 or 8 or something, come back at 8am tomorrow. Bye”. Alrighty then, well at least he said bye!! The more we thought about that strangely indifferent guy and the rest of day, the more annoyed we got and it spiralled. I was in a foul mood.

But, out of the blue, Emily rushed to the rescue by making a courageous call and giving me my birthday present early. I’ve been obsessed by salted caramel recently – whether in ice cream, cakes, milkshakes, everything and anything – and happily getting all the fatter for it. So what better a surprise and sugary treat to snap me out of my stressy ways today than this…

bdayCookies and my own whole sexy jar of salted heaven from the wonderful Caramel Bakery in Ubud, oh and a very honest birthday card. I wasted no time getting stuck in, and forgot why I was even annoyed in the process…

fatboySo hotel and dive shop, Em has saved the day for you too – you have one week to mend your ways or I’m naming names…



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  1.'donna bradley

    thanks emily for givin declan a wee birthday treat even though hes a spoilt big shite you are far to good to him i hope he apreciates you well anyway declan hope you have a good birthday i would love to be there with you but we will celebrate when i get to oz xxx

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