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“Sunday Post” – Hello Georgetown, you’re looking swell…

Not a lot to report this week dear readers, as we found Pangkor Island wanting, mainly due to the greasy, very fishy smelling water at the beach! So we didn’t get up to many adventures there.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. We arrived in Georgetown, Penang today and straight away got a good vibe about this historic town. Our hotel, Armenian Suite Hotel, seems like a good choice from the few hours we’ve been here and there are decent looking restaurants everywhere, compared to the solitary cafe we frequented way too much on Pangkor!

So as a thank you to Georgetown for saving us from dire moods this Sunday, here are a few photos in homage…

georgetown1georgetown2georgetown3Stayed tuned in the next few days for some Singapore travel tips!


4 thoughts on ““Sunday Post” – Hello Georgetown, you’re looking swell…

  1.'Pauline melillo

    Were you scouting for job prospects? Haha! Just noticed the wee solicitor sign there on the gable wall… the narrow streets with all the little shops….I’m getting excited for your big reunion!!!

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