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“Sunday Post” – How photos can be deceiving!

I’m not talking about the optical illusion photos that people plaster all over Facebook, like a picture of a turkey but if you turn it upside down it’s the Queen of England. Nor am I going off on a conspiracy theory rant about how Neil Armstrong’s photo album of his first holiday to the moon is full of duds, created in some NASA back office. Nope, what I am talking about is simple photos by everyday folk, like me, of beautiful landscapes, of friends having a good time, of a pretty young girl in a boat with a bright, broad smile brimming with joy…or is she???

Emily at 4000 IslandsIf you look at the photo above, it looks like young Emily is turning to me with a beaming smile because she is so overjoyed at sharing a wonderful experience with me, her beloved boyfriend. Haha, but that’s where you’d be fooled! We had been out all day kayaking around 4000 Islands in Laos, recommended if you go there, and Emily complained all day about my slack attitude towards my paddling duties. Admittedly, I was more interested in capturing the natural beauty around me and had left the lion’s share of the hard work to her. So there were plenty of playful expletives thrown at me as I slacked at the back, I even got a “hurry up fat boy!” just as I took the above picture of her and that smile that you see is no smile, it’s the shape the mouth makes at the end of the word “fat”! So there you have it fellas, don’t trust any girl who smiles at you, she’s probably telling you to cut the carbs!

Here’s one photo though that is what it is, me soaked at a waterfall on Don Khon at 4000 Islands!

Declan at 4000 IslandsLaters


3 thoughts on ““Sunday Post” – How photos can be deceiving!

  1.'Pauline Melillo

    I don’t see no ‘fat boy’….just a drowned rat! Lol!!! Btw,loved your post re your jungle trip,I think you out classed yourself with that piece of writing!

  2.'Pauline melillo

    Just catching up on some of your reply’s and am delighted to come across this one! Aw, thanks Declan for getting the magnets….might have to get me a bigger fridge, haha!

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