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“Sunday Post” – I was bitten by Jaws!!!

Du Dun, Du Dun, DuDuDuDuDUDUDUDU….(Jaws music, obviously!) and here is my ferocious attacker, who chased me round the coral at Ao Leuk beach on Koh Tao…

JawsScary isn’t he?! Haha, but the wee shite did do this to me…

"shark" bite!…so I wasn’t totally disingenuous with the title of this week’s update 🙂 Although I think Tiny Jaws was more after the dead skin on a cut on my ankle, than wanting to devour me whole!

If you’re heading to Koh Tao, try to fit in some snorkelling as well as scuba diving. There’s loads to see a just short swim from shore at various beaches – we even had an actual shark swimming around us for ages at Ao Leuk, albeit a small black tip reef shark, but it was cool nonetheless!


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