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“Sunday Post” – I’m a LeafCanoe Ambassador!

If you’ve seen it, you may well be wondering why we’ve got a wee badge on our site saying we’re the ambassadors of a canoe?

Earlier this year, Daijie Huang, one of the brains behind a wonderful new travel App, read this blog and liked it. A few email exchanges later, I found out that her App is called LeafCanoe and, when ready, it would allow people to share their travel experiences at home or abroad in a simple, practical and beautiful way. So when Daijie asked if I wanted to test the App in beta, it was like asking Stevo from Jackass if he wanted a kick up the arse – yes please!

Daijie sent the test App to me a little later and soon after I had produced my first “leaf” – a collection of travel tips and photos about Hoi An in Vietnam, where I was living at the time. I was able to provide some basic but helpful feedback in the process of creating my Hoi An “leaf” and all of my points were taken onboard by the very receptive LeafCanoe team. It was a genuine pleasure to work with them – so much so, I jumped at the opportunity to be their first Ambassador in preparation for the big launch in early 2015.

Ancient Hoi An

Ancient Hoi An

What is a LeafCanoe Ambassador?

Being a LeafCanoe Ambassador simply means that I really, really like the App (I’m not paid in any way) and I think others will too – so I’m telling anyone with eyes or ears about it!

OK, tell us about LeafCanoe then 

LeafCanoe is a free App that uses geo-location technology to allow you to shoot, tag and describe where you are in the world, all in a matter of minutes. You could be dishing out tips on where to eat in Paris, telling a real-time story of your trek around the ruins of Rome or heading to your favourite local haunts that you want to showcase to the world – you can do it all with just a few clicks on LeafCanoe. All the pieces of your story are packaged in a neat little album, called a “leaf”, which is shared on the LeafCanoe platform. You can find other users’ “leaves” by searching for key words, particular tags, user names, or locations. Once you open the leaf, you will get a ping from the App if you have your GPS on and are nearby a place in the leaf. Perfect!

Here’s a nifty animation to better show you what I mean, and more information is available at 

All Aboard!

So if you wanna join in on the fun aboard the good ship LeafCanoe and gain full access to the App upon its release, you can request the invitation at And remember, if you sign up now, you’ll get first look at my Hoi An travel tips when the App is out! How could you pass that up?! 🙂

If you have any questions about LeafCanoe, no worries, you can leave me a comment below or message LeafCanoe direct – just click here.



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