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“Sunday Post” – Interview with the Backpacker

…ahem, cheesy title alert, ahem….So I guess that you can guess (great writing this week!) what this Sunday Post is about. Yep, another interview! Our last interview was way back in April and you can read it in its full glory here.

This time round Elite Travel Blog got in contact with me and fired five travel related questions right at my face. Luckily we have actually got some proper miles under our belt now and so I think this latest interview is the better and more insightful of the two. You can be the judge of that by reading it here, if you have a few minutes. Go on, it’s better than that crap you’re watching on TV, unless it’s The Walking Dead or Caesar Milan of course.

Also, I should say that for this week’s Sunday Post I had intended to do a feature-length article, complete with photos and a snazzy video, about our week doing the Open Water and Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving Courses here in Koh Tao. However, the internet in our Guesthouse isn’t the best and so uploading the various GoPro videos to my YouTube editor is taking a while. But hang in there, I’ll post it soon. It should be pretty special as it was a pretty fucking amazing experience (again with the fabulous prose). Here’s a sneaky peek in the meantime…

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