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“Sunday Post” – montage time!

Hi there, it’s Sunday, so that means it’s update time, or should I say Montage Time!

We came to Da Lat this weekend and booked ourselves on one of the more extreme excursions we have done so far – canyoning!! I’ll write about the trip in lots of scary detail soon, but I can tell you now it was pure adrenaline madness, especially for newbies like us at abseiling and the like.

To whet your appetites for the full story, here’s a montage (that I’m sure the makers of Rocky would be proud of) showing us being brave and beating the odds!

canyoningCatch you next week!


One thought on ““Sunday Post” – montage time!

  1.'pauline melillo

    Awesome!!! wish I was a lot younger and not deathly afraid of water gushing down my throat! great action shots altogether!

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