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“Sunday Post” – Nice one Bangkok Airways!

Nope, it’s not what you think – I am not being sarcastic, honest. I’m actually giving an airline a compliment – a rare thing these days!

This week was class as it saw us living the highlife at the glamorous Bhu Nga Thani Resort in Railay Beach, taking it extremely easy for a few days in Koh Lanta and having enjoyable night yesterday at the market in Krabi. But we expected all that to be good. What we didn’t expect though was our wait at Krabi Airport for our Bangkok Airways flight to Koh Samui to be particularly comfortable or memorable – well, we were wrong!

I am writing this article in the cool little Bangkok Airways lounge at Krabi Airport, which is open to all their passengers regardless of ticket class! Check this out…

Bangkok Airways KrabiBangkok Airways lounge KrabiAside from being a temperate, air-conditioned spot, nicely decorated with comfortable seating and free, speedy wifi (and computers if you need them), the jackpot for us is the delicious spread of free snacks available! From Thai style sticky rice and coconut milk wrapped in banana leaves to delicate pastries and salted popcorn, not forgetting bottomless refills of all kinds of coffees and juices – we may wobble out of here onto our flight a few stone heavier!

All in all, it has taken our minds off the impending propeller plane flight in the pouring rain – wish us luck!!!


4 thoughts on ““Sunday Post” – Nice one Bangkok Airways!

  1.'donna bradley

    god knows what could have been crawling round that food i always see photos of stuff crawling round food out in them places in airports but it looks like a lovely wee airport and it is very good of them to give out free food

  2.'Pauline melillo

    United airlines could learn from this….they charge you $45 to use their lounge at Newark if you don’t have a complimentary pass….but the alcohol is also free!

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