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“Sunday Post” – our photo of the week

Hello and welcome to another edition of our weekly update – the “Sunday Post”.

This week saw us a bit sad to be leaving enchanting Hoi An after renting there for a month, but excited to get back on the road again to see more of Vietnam. One night bus and fifty noisy snorers later, we got to the beach mecca of Nha Trang yesterday. It’s been good so far, although maybe a little too good last night as we’ve just spent much of today recovering at our hotel with lots of food! Off to the waterpark tomorrow though and renting a motorbike in the next few days, so don’t worry, we’ll have plenty to stories to tell you about Nha Trang…

Anyway, this is supposed to be a short and snappy update, so I’ll shut up now and get to the good stuff –  our pic of the week. It’s of me acting the prat on the rooftop of our new hotel, The Golden Dragon…

Rooftop of The Golden Dragon, Nha TrangMore silly updates next week. Bye for now.


One thought on ““Sunday Post” – our photo of the week

  1.'pauline melillo

    looks like the hills of Donegal behind you! beautiful lush terrain and I would love a wee dip in that pool…thanks for the update Declan and Emily!

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