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“Sunday Post” – Our very first interview!

aligWelcome to this first edition of our new weekly, the “Sunday Post”. Every Sunday (unless we’re in some backwater village without any internet) there will be a little update from us about anything we think you might want to hear. It could be a quick round-up of what’s been happening with us, a favourite photo or story of the week or just throwing in our two p’s worth about something going on in the world. Whatever it is, we’ll keep it short, sweet and entertaining!

So, this being a week of firsts, we thought it fitting to let you know about our first ever interview, that is, us being interviewed about our travels and our blog. A travel site called Wonderlust Adventures got in touch with us, asked us a load of questions and we answered them. You can read what was said by clicking here if you like.

Until next week…


p.s. if you want easy access to all “Sunday Post” updates that we send out, for the time being they’ll be stored under the “Insights” drop down on the menu bar – thanks!



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