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“Sunday Post” – Photo of the Week

We said goodbye to my parents today and just watched their plane on land safely at KL airport…just two more flights to go! A big thanks to you two as you made sure that a great time was had by all these past two weeks in Perth 🙂

The fun’s over now though and we’ve got to find jobs 🙁 Ha, only joking, we’re actually looking forward to working again and earning some lolly.

Anyway, on to the main event, the photo of the week! It’s of my dad showing off the rally car he bossed around the V8 track near Perth airport. There’ll be more about that day on here very soon, including a nifty video from inside and outside the car, but without further ado…

V8 driving1 Cheers


One thought on ““Sunday Post” – Photo of the Week

  1.'margaret doherty

    A great photo ,is that Sean in the back ground?Anyway glad you had a good time with the family and I know you must have felt very much apart of it Emily!Cant wait to see donna and colm and hear all the craic!

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