The Two Gallivants

“Sunday Post” – photo of the week

Three months in Vietnam sadly came to an end yesterday, as we took off from Hanoi airport bound for Hong Kong. Just like our time there, leaving Vietnam held some pleasant surprises for us – randomly bumping into a mate from London at the airport and boarding a spacious and luxurious Vietnam Airways plane with a free hot breakfast, when all we were expecting was a budget Ryanair type affair. Result!!

Having lived for the past five months in Cambodia and Vietnam, we’ve had a bit of adjustment to do in Hong Kong to get back into the grove of an ultra modern metropolis. We were amazed when we arrived that queues were ordered, traffic obeyed a sensible system and sidewalks/pavements were actually used by pedestrians and not motorbikes! So it being a metropolis n’all, we thought we check out the city’s skyline this evening…from above. 

We went to The Peak, a part of the mountains towering behind the city and it was class. In our humble opinion, HK’s nighttime twinkling urban cityscape beats London for its beauty and so for this week’s Sunday Post, we’re treating you to one of our favourite photos from tonight’s hill top excursion. Hope you like it…

Hong Kong SkylineThe Two Gallivants

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