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“Sunday Post” – Run Fatboy, Run

Magnum Golds, Snickers, packets of fruit Mentos, ice-cream and cake desserts, eating Emily’s leftovers from her dinners, too many pizzas, massive burgers, carb overloads and thick milkshakes of all flavours, fried noodles, fried rice, fried bananas, fried everything – this just a snapshot of the type of foods I have been snaffling way too much on our travels!

Throw into the mix no routine exercise and drinking too much beer and voilà – I’ve put on over 5 kgs (almost a stone) since we began our trip in January. Not good at all, and here’s what going from 77 to just over 82 kgs looks like…


Have you seen this man? He is considered fat and dangerous…

For someone as vain as moi, growing some love handles and a little pot belly fills me with dread and so I have decided to take action! I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol in exactly one month and I feel so much better for it that the detox will continue indefinitely. Also, we have decided to stay in Chiang Mai for one month to break up the constant travelling and so we have booked into serviced apartments, The Smith Residence. We’re loving our stay so far and for me that is because of two reasons: rooftop gym & swimming pool (photos coming next week).

The gym is kitted out with a treadmill, two exercise bikes, a cross trainer, some dumbbells and free weights and a multi-gym. With easy access to all that and a pool, I no longer have any valid excuse for being lazy and fat. So, I will use this month to try to get back into shape with a structured exercise regime and (hopefully) using restraint when it comes to the eating. I want to be sub 80 kgs and noticeably less flabby in time for the beach next month! To make sure I don’t slack, I hope you will be my witnesses and the crowd cheering me on from the virtual sidelines. I will set out each Sunday what exercise I have done and what I have eaten that week to work towards some Brad Pitt abs!

If that sounds a bit too much like boring fitness freak stuff to some of you hardcore travel enthusiasts, not to worry, I’ll throw in our favourite photo from Chiang Mai that week so everyone’s happy!

Tune in next Sunday to see how I get on in my first travel fitness week and in the meantime, here’s a shot I took last night of the packed Saturday Market on Chiang Mai’s Wualai Walking Street…

chiang mai walking streetKob kun krab


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