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“Sunday Post” – Time lapse of the week!

Good evening ladies and gents, well it’s evening here in Perth anyway and the sun is shining.

This week hasn’t been all fun and frolics in the sunshine though; Emily has done some temporary healthcare shifts and I have applied for lots of jobs. I am also immobile at the moment having injured myself mid-week trying to get back into football having not played at all in over a year – too much too soon!

So I have to dig into last week’s activities for this week’s Sunday Post. We visited Serpentine Falls in South Perth last weekend with my parents and my brother and had a great time swimming around the natural pool and getting up close and personal with some cheeky kangaroos! There’ll be plenty more about that day trip on here soon, but for now, here’s a nifty little time-lapse video I made starring Emily, my mum, some kids and the stars of the show – the kangaroos…



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    Talking about jobs, deccy, is this the moment to pick up a guitar from somewhere and start busking? Especially as the pro footballer career seems to be on hold! All the best, Martin

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