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“Sunday Post” – Travel Fitness Month, the results!

Four weeks ago we moved to Chiang Mai and booked into The Smith Residence, which has great amenities, including a small gym and swimming pool on the roof with great views over the town. Where better then to shed some excess fat and boobage that I gathered while snacking my way through Asia! So for the last four weeks I have been working towards some fitness goals.

As you regular readers will know, my main aim has been to drop below 80kgs from the 82.2kgs I weighed when I moved to Chiang Mai. I have provided weekly updates on my progress, and so, for the last time, here goes…

On Monday and Tuesday I went for intensity and tried to cram a lot into 90 minute sessions. I started off with fast 20 minute warm ups, getting just 500 metres shy of 5km in that time, followed by stretching. I then did 2 sets of:

  • 2 X 20 pushups
  • 2 x 30 sit ups
  • 2 X 20 tricep dips
  • 2 X 20 crunchies (or until the stomach muscles couldn’t take any more)

Followed by 4 x 10 20kg bench presses and 3 x 10 10kg bicep curls for each arm. The sessions ended with a light warm down for 10 minutes on the treadmill, some stretching and a few lengths in the pool.

Wednesday, my usual rest day, saw me motorbiking round the beautiful Doi Sethup Mountain that towers over the west of Chiang Mai. More on that later. Thursday I did the same session as the start of the week, but Friday I had a nightmare. I updated this blog to WordPress 4.0 and things went awry with the site. Anyway, not to bore you with the details, but I spent the entire day fumbling around forums and help sites to get the site looking normal again and had no time for training. Yesterday, I just did a 30 minute medium intensity treadmill session with 4 X 20 pushups and 4 x 30 situps as I was pushed for time before heading out for the evening. Today was a bit of an anti-climax as I have a bit of a dodgy stomach and so had to abort my last session of the month as I didn’t feel too hot.

Anyhooo, I can tell you’re all waiting with bated breath for the results, so here goes – my weight before was 82.2kgs, my weight now (drum roll)…….79.3kgs! YEOooooooo, so I hit my target and I think it’s noticeable around the belly and moob regions, see for yourself:



fitness1I think my new tattoo and haircut have also done their bit to enhance my image and I am definitely feeling a lot more confident about how I look now.

I’ve enjoyed this month and so, as we are staying on for another month in Chiang Mai, I intend to keep exercising as often as I can. We have a lot more outings planned for the next four weeks than the last, so it will be good practise to fit in working out around exploring and seeing the world! Don’t worry though, “Sunday Post” will be back to its usual travel orientated updates as you’ve heard enough about my gym exploits this past month to last you a lifetime!

And so, as a treat for you sticking with me this past month, here’s a shot I took of Chiang Mai from a viewing point on Doi Sethup Mountain…

chiangmaiAStayed tuned in the next few days for a review of Bodhi Villa, our hostel in Kampot.

Take Care


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  1.'donna bradley

    ur jist a great buck hahahahaha! naw well done declan you look great stay with the training x you have a lovely wee figure emily you don t need to lose weight x

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