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“Sunday Post” – Travel Fitness week #2, lazy lazy

I had a promising start to the week with good workouts on Monday and Tuesday and managed to steer clear of sugary temptation. On Wednesday we had a class day out with the majestic rescued elephants at the Elephant Nature Park, an hour away from Chiang Mai…

Elephant Nature Park elephant nature parkAfter that wild time, things went downhill with my War on Moobs. I had a load of chocolate on Wednesday night and then on Thursday there were too many people in the rooftop gym and my lazy self used that excuse to be, well, lazy. I took big breaks between exercises and didn’t do half as much as I should have.

On Friday and Saturday, I got a new tattoo and it being my first sober inking I wasn’t ready for the pain and so afterwards I wasn’t up to anything but laying about. More about the tattoo on the blog soon, which I got from the cool as fook Naga Tattoo. 

So, despite artistic improvements to my body (and a new 50’s style slickback haircut from the trendy (and cheap) Cutlers Barbers), the past few days has put me back a few days in the quest to tone up. But nevermind, I’ve a new resolve for the next two weeks and I will get below that all important 80kg!

Oh, nearly forgot, here’s our weekly Chiang Mai pic, from our rooftop just after sunset…


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  1.'Pauline melillo

    How could you not have a chocolate addiction being Donna’s son? Haha! I think you look perfect, just carry on having a great time!…that sky is stunning! And can’t wait to see the new ‘do’ and tattoo!

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