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“Sunday Post” – Travel Fitness week #3, and all that jazz!

It’s the penultimate week in my month-long quest to lose the moobs and get abs of steel (well, less jelly-like anyway!) – so how have I got on this week?

Not bad methinks, although there’s room for improvement. I got a large tattoo on my chest last weekend and my left breast killed for a few days after, so I had to stick to running only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On those days I did 30 minute interval training sessions – easy jog for 5 minutes to warm up, then 5 sets of 2 minutes 8kmph/ 2 minutes 16 kmph and 5 minutes warm down. I threw in some gentle inclines to spice it up a bit in a couple of sessions. Big disappointment though, didn’t get to jump in the pool in case the tattoo got infected or whatever. Boo!

The tattoo’s sensitivity eased off though by Saturday and so I did my usual “easier on the running/harder on the resistance training” session and the same again today. Oh, and I was back in my beloved rooftop pool again for my cool down! Yipee!

I’m definitely feeling stronger and I think I am looking thinner, although the sizeable Sunday Roast we devoured at Archers this afternoon and American style burgers we chowed down at Rock Me this evening have undid some of my good work…but both feeds were definitely worth it! Haha.

There’ll be before and after pics next week, so you can see for yourself if I’m still a fat b%$tard or not! And you’ll get a sneaky peek at my new tattoo and sleek hair do – not be missed!

In the meantime, some Chiang Mai visual treats for you – Emily at our favourite noddle stall near Chiang Mai Gate and a pic from the very cool North Gate Jazz Club where we had a great time last night listening to some superb live music.

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2 thoughts on ““Sunday Post” – Travel Fitness week #3, and all that jazz!

  1.'Pauline melillo

    Ok, allow me to be your concerned nurse auntie here for a second, but I hope you researched the place you got your tattoo at???……waiting with bated breath to see the ‘bod’,haha!….are you feeling a little threatened by your wee brothers soccer abs?…surely not ‘Brad Pitt’? Lol!…Emily looks like a model in that picture…soo natural!

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