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“Sunday Post” – Travel Tip of the Week

The paradox of travelling blogging is that the more you travel, the harder it is to blog! So things have been a bit quiet here at this past week because we are back on the road. We flew out of Chiang Mai, where we had a quality two months, on Wednesday night for Phuket. We stayed there two sunny days before a mammoth journey to Railay Beach, where we’re resting up now. So not much time for writing…poor us, eh? πŸ™‚

Anyhow, back to Phuket. Granted we weren’t there long enough to be throwing out lots of travel advice, but we did pick up one good nugget from a local – head to Nai Harn Beach.

We had went to Kata Beach the first day on the island and although it was fun jumping about in the waves, the beach was really packed and a bit, what we call in the UK, chavvy. Also, the town around it lacked any charm or decent eateries. So we were hoping for something better on our last day on the island and oh boy did we get that!

Nai Harn Beach 1Nai Harn beach 2Nai Harn beach 3As you can see, Nai Harn is very very pretty, like my umbrella, and although it isn’t exactly deserted, it isn’t over flowing with people either. You should have plenty of room, so that no one is kicking sand into your eyes as you catch some rays. Also, the area around the beach feels very much β€œaway from it all” as there is a lot of greenery and just a few shacks, where you can get some decent grub…

Nai Beach 4So our tip for the week should be obvious – head to Nai Harn beach if you’re on Phuket! Make sure you stay for sunset…

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  1.'Pauline melillo

    You could almost believe you were in Donegal on a good day……but the umbrellas give it away!……that sunset is breathtaking… ‘n Colm in a wee competition? Haha!

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