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“Sunday Post” – travel tip of the week!

ATM in Hue

A very exciting picture of an Agribank ATM

Okey dokey, so it’s Sunday again and we hope your weekend has been a good’un!

We’re in Hanoi now having travelled overnight in a soft sleeper carriage from Hue. Storms have hit the Vietnamese capital today and so we’ve been indoors catching up on blog stuff. Not exactly a rock n’ roll weekend then with us but at least that helps with the bank balance!

Which funnily enough leads us on to this week’s “Sunday Post” travel tip of the week – ATMs that are free to use in Cambodia and Vietnam! As every traveller knows, it is very annoying indeed to get hit with service charges each time you use the majority of ATMs abroad, but we’re here to help.

If you’re in Cambodia, find a Canadia Bank ATM which should be free to use. When in Vietnam, use an Agribank or a TechcomBank ATM. This info is based on us using our English bankcards, but hopefully it should cover cards from other countries too.

If you could please let us know if this info works for you or if you have anything to add on the subject, free ATMs in other countries or whatever, we’d really appreciate hearing from you.


The Two Gallivants

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