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“Sunday Post” – Two Week Travel Roundup

Hello there dear readers, it’s been a while…

First of all, apologies for the lack of a Sunday Post update last week. We were stuck up a mountain the whole weekend – Mount Rinjani in Lombok to be exact – with my best mate Ted in tow. So we didn’t even have a proper toilet, nevermind the internet!

rinjani1So it’s catch up time and in this Sunday Post I’ll give you a quick run down of our travels over the past fortnight. Don’t worry if it seems that I am skipping any juicy details, there’ll be feature length articles on most of this stuff coming soon.

We were in Bangkok two weekends ago staying at the practical, affordable and comfortable Wendy House, near Siam Square, the city’s main shopping area. Our location was really handy as we spent our Bangkok time mostly shopping for presents and warm clothes for our upcoming mountain expedition (we’d seen the sights on our first visit at the very, very start of our travels – which you can read about here if you like). Let’s just say that A LOT of time was wasted getting lost in the massive maze that is the MBK Shopping Centre!

We did manage to tear ourselves away from the malls one night though and went to Rajadamnern Muay Thai Stadium to watch local Thai guys knee and punch each other into submission. Exciting, if brutal and sometimes unnerving, stuff!

Muay ThaiAfter some prep for our next destination, Indonesia, and getting chased at 4am by roaming dogs near the airport(!), we got an early morning flight on 5 November from Bangkok Don Muang to Bali.

indonesiaWe stayed on the outskirts of trashy Kuta for two nights at the decent and inexpensive Radiant Hotel & Spa. There was a lot of building work going on though and the internet wasn’t great, maybe that’s why it was only about £15 a night, so we can’t recommend it at the moment. It’s a shame though as the room was luxurious and the pool areas were really pretty – especially at night when the construction work had stopped. Kuta itself, a mecca for Aussie stag dos and overflowing with tourist tat, was not our kind of place.

But we were only there to wait for our flight to Lombok, where Ted was meeting us having flown all the way from wintry London for a short but action packed holiday that we had planned for him. We were all picked up at the airport by John’s Adventures who pushed us to our limits and showed us some fantastic sights around and up and down Mount Rinjani over the next few days. Lots more on that very soon in my next feature “Ted verus The Volcano: Trekking Mount Rinjani”.

We made it back down the mountain in one piece on Monday and hopped across to Gili Air Island, just off the coast of Lombok. It’s been a very relaxing week here to say the least, resting up at the absolutely wonderful Senang Villa, stuffing ourselves with beachside BBQs, scuba diving and snorkelling (Ted’s dive was his first ever!) and working out the lactic acid from our muscles at H2O Yoga.

A foggy one (damn you Gopro!) of Ted & The Turtle

A foggy one (damn you Gopro!) of Ted & a turtle

On Friday, after an extreme holiday of highs and lows (geographically speaking), Ted left us to fly back to rainy and cold Old Blighty – enjoy Ted! 🙂 We leave Gili Air tomorrow as we’re heading to Amed, on Bali’s east coast, for more diving. It’s very hard being us!!! Haha…

Sampai Jumpa (see you later in Indonesian!)



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  1.'Pauline melillo

    Bali has always seemed like a magical place ever since I watched the movie South Pacific…way before your time! Haha!……great to see you taking advantage of it all!

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