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Useful Sites


We all need help with our planning and inspiration to get the best out of our travels. So we’ve created a little list for you of other blogs and websites that we found useful in our prep phase and while on the road.


Wandering Earl – one of the biggest names in travel blogging, Earl has been on the road a long, long time and so he definitely knows his stuff. A good portion of Earl’s blog is dedicated to educating budding travellers about how he has been able to afford a life of constant travel for over 10 years!

Be My Travel Muse – BMTM’s Kirsten Addis got sick of the corporate life as an investment banker and now has one of the most entertaining blogs we’ve come across. Her mantra is off the beaten path travel and so check her blog out if that sounds like your kind of thing.

Nomadic Matt – Matt, like Wandering Earl, has been in the blogging game a long time and his tagline is “Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer”. That his recent decision to have a permanent base, as opposed to being a constant nomad, caused uproar from his fans shows this guy is the real deal and has inspired many travellers.

Disrupting the Rabblement – Irishman Niall Doherty is currently travelling the world without flying and he’s doing a whole lot more inbetween. A man it seems various projects always on the go and constantly striving for self improvement, his site is more a motivational blog than it is a travel blog. That said, there is a lot of good stuff for wannabe nomads and his video blogs are very engaging too.

Booking Accommodation

We found that a lot of the time in Cambodia, our best bet for a place to crash was to find somewhere we liked online and then email direct. The just turning up and hoping for the best option, although it sounds romantic and care free, was a pain in the ass for us as we ended up quarrelling or just settling on the first mildly decent place we came across. The third option is to book online and that was mostly a safe and easy way, although Agoda is the only one we have used which offers good value to couples.

Agoda – has been really useful for getting cheap hotels and guesthouses in Vietnam, where just rocking into town isn’t usually the best way to get a good place to kip, especially for a couple. We also used it for Kep and Kampot in Cambodia.


The WHO and NHS travel sites are great sources of health related travel information.

What to pack

Check out our post: What we packed for travelling for a year in South East Asia. A lot of the stuff in our backpacks we found at Gap Year Travel Store, Go Outdoors and Blacks.