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Welcome to the new blog of “The Two Gallivants”

DSC_0851Hi Everybody and welcome to this, our brand new blog!

As you can see, we have moved from our previous Blogger site to our own domain. This has allowed us the freedom to create a site that is easy for you to get around and find the travel information you need.

All the posts from our previous site about Italy, Ireland, London, Bangkok, Siem Reap and Angkor Wat have been transferred across, we’ve just uploaded a new Cambodian Curiosities post and many more new posts will be going up soon.

We intend to provide very regular updates from now on about our travels and we will be incorporating more video and other media as well. You can see that we have a “Fotofit” Gallery in this site, which will house the posts where we let our pics and videos mainly do the talking!

Also, every Sunday (well, every Sunday when it is humanly possible!) we will have a post called, funnily enough, the “Sunday Post”. It will be a short article about our thoughts of the week or our favourite pic of the week or just a quick catch up of what’s going on with us. Whatever it is, we’ll keep it light and entertaining!

Anyway, thanks for reading and we’d love it if you visited our brand spanking new site again…don’t be shy either of getting in touch with us!

The Two Gallivants

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