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What we packed for travelling for a year in South East Asia

Here’s a useful post for any of you planning a long trip – a list of what we took with us for the first year of our adventure when we will be travelling around South East Asia and China…..




1. 3 pairs of shorts – 1 for swimming, 1 comfy pair for travelling and a denim pair for wearing out at night (I bought a hippy type pair in Bangkok also)

2. 3 vests and 6 T-shirts 


3. Pair of trekking shoes/boots with Gore-Tex waterproof protection – for jungle escapades although they are a bit of a nightmare to pack! I also brought a couple pairs of trekking socks


4. Pair of flip flops, one pair comfy plimsol trainers and a few pairs of ankle socks to wear with them


5. Bandanna and scarf to help block out sun or for those rare times when it might get a little chilly!


6. 2 large lightweight microfibre towels – really useful as they are compact, light and dry very quickly 


7. A dummy wallet with some money and old cards in it and the rest of my monies in a bumbag – good job none of you guys are pickpockets or muggers eh?!…hmmm….


8. I packed all that (and some other bits and bobs) into a Berghaus Jalan 60L plus 15L daypack (which is attached to the rucksack) – this rucksack is highly recommended for the main reason that it’s a front loader. This means it opens like a suitcase so it’s easy to pack and I don’t have to pull everything out to get at something at the bottom. I also have a Koolertron DSLR Canvas Camera bag and a 20L Berghaus Remote daypack to carry my various gadgets listed below when travelling (I never pack those in the main rucksack in case it mysteriously disappears from the undercarriage of a bus!)





1. 1 Dress 


2. 4 pairs of shorts


3. 7 tops (mix of vest tops and t-shirts) a cardigan for visiting temples or when the temperature might annoyingly drop


4. 1 swimming costume and a bikini 


5. 2 Bras and 7 pairs of underpants 


6. Pair of trekking boots and 3 pairs of trekking socks and a bandanna


7. Pair of plimsols and a pair of flip flops


8. 2 large lightweight micro fibre towels


9. Make up 


10. All my stuff fits into a women’s Berghaus Jalan 60L plus 15L and an additional 20L Berghaus 20L Freeflow daypack. The Jalan is great and the Freeflow daypack does the job of keeping my back cool when wearing it, although its long shape means it is not the best for packing more bulky items (like laptops for instance)



 For both of us:


1.Nikon D3200 – a very useful camera for people as useless as we are at photography! We still generally use the automatic mode but we intend to learn the ropes and will start taking better pics for y’all very soon!


2. Canon Powershot SX220 HS – a great little point and shoot camera with the advantage of being less flashy than the DSLR, so in areas where we are a little uncomfortable about parading expensive items for all to see we’ll opt to use this little gadget instead


3. Ipod Touch 32GB – handy for listening to music, Facetime with friends and family, taking notes and snapping quick pics


4. Samsung Google ChromeBook – although not that useful for running programmes or downloading, it is very very fast at loading, lasts a good six hours without charge and generally is great at connecting to Wi-Fi – so it’s really useful for working on this blog!


5. ACER One 725 laptop with 2GB memory and 320 GB storage space – was cheap on ebay at about £170 and although it can be a little slow, it certainly does the job. I can edit my photos on it using the D3200 software, skype on it, download and work offline, which we can’t do with the ChromeBook. It’s got a good battery too and can last about 4/5 hours without charge


6. Toshiba 500 GB hard drive and portable Rokono Bass mini-speaker – for storing shows/music and having good quality sound to listen to them when we’re having some downtime


7. Kindle Fire with 8GB storage – Emily is making good use of the Kindle and as you likely all know already, it’s perfect company for the idle traveller. That said, we don’t use it for internet or videos so we will probably buy a Kindle Paperwhite next time as the battery can apparently last weeks as opposed to days 


8. Old school unlocked Nokia mobile phone for the basics when we get local sim cards. Not having bought a sim card for Bangkok did make it difficult meeting up with new found friends. We got a sim for Cambodia, just need to get round to getting some credit…


9. Two head torches – came in really useful when we cycled to Angkor Wat just before sunrise


10. Mosquito net – we haven’t needed it yet as the hostels and guesthouses we stayed in have had mosquito proof covering over the windows


11. Universal power adapter 


12. Care Plus Deluxe First Aid Kit kindly provided by – it’s pretty comprehensive as you can see if you follow the link. We will be doing a short review of the kit soon to let you know how useful it is, so one of us will have to try to injure ourselves first…or one another!


13. 250 Doxycycline (malaria tablets) – which I mentioned in a previous post were £30 per 100 tablets – although you’ll pay less than 10 US dollars for the same over here in South East Asia


14. 1 big bottle of Factor 50 sunscreen to start off with (and because taking malaria tablets (doxycycline, see below) can make your skin more susceptible to harmful UV rays) and a bottle of Factor 30 sunscreen for afterwards 


15. 3 bottles of Deet mosquito spray plus insect bite cream and steroid cream 


16. Various headache, diarrhoea, anti-histamine tablets and re-hydration sachets – for all types of ailments and hangovers


17. Antiseptic hand gels & sprays 


18. Scissors, duct tape, twine, elastic bands, plastic ties and a few padlocks – just in case!


19. A couple of travel journals for keeping notes, jotting down our spending (which we’ll be blogging about every couple of weeks or so) and sketching penis doodles on those long bus journeys!


20. Loads of passport photos for visas and photocopies of our passports kept in a water proof zipper folder – pretty organised eh?!


If you’ve any questions or comments about any of this, feel free to leave us a post below and we’ll get back to you, or email Declan at


Cheers for reading!




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